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Welcome to Haber Oaks

Haber Oaks Campus is an alternative learning program serving all high schools in D155 which focuses on restorative and trauma sensitive approaches to support student success and development. Our classes are taught by special education teachers to best support students whose social, emotional or behavioral needs require highly supportive and supervised special education services throughout the school day. Interventions are focused on developing skills for meeting academic requirements, improving social interactions and developing abilities to manage emotions and behaviors with the goal of eventual participation in the least restrictive environment (e.g. base high school).

Haber Oaks Campus also offers flexible online learning opportunities for general education students who meet certain criteria based on grade level and academic credits earned. Much like the special education program, the online learning program is offered in a small environment with multiple supports including a paraprofessional, tutor and an academic counselor to assist with course planning and support students in achieving graduation requirements.

Haber Oaks Campus
By the Numbers

Haber Oaks: 101
District 155: 6,113

20% Enrollment increase in the past two years

17 December 2018 Graduates

Teachers with a 
Master's Degree or Higher
: 86%